Special Ingredients - Propylene Glycol PG 1000ml

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1000ml of Propylene glycol.

Small plastic jerrycan of premium quality USP / EP pharma food grade propylene glycol. Also known as MPG or Mono-propylene Glycol. Ideal for e-liquid, various food applications, floral waters, moisturising, hair, soap and skin care products. It can also aid the bonding of oils & blends so that they perfectly combine in food applications.


Propylene glycol is a colourless liquid extract which is added to foods, moisturising creams, lotions, bath salts etc to add additional moisturisation. It is also added to skin and hair care products and soap making as a lubricant and preservative. Our Propylene Glycol is 99.9% pure (as pure as it gets). Supplied in tamper evident container.



USP / EP premium quality pharma food grade.

Can be used in various food applications.

Ideal for e-liquid.

Ideal for use in hair, soap and skin care products.

Aids in the bonding of oils and other blends.