SALE!! Trump It - Premium E-liquid 50ml Short Fill 0mg

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SALE!!! Trump it e-liquids are now reduced to just £7.50 from £13.50! *** These bottles have passed there best before dates of April 2020***

The Juicy Joint present this Top Trump range of E-Liquids. Not only are they hilariously titled and desidned they are packed with nuclear powered flavours that a guaranteed to blow your head off!

If America stopped vaping these flavours would make America Vape Again!

These are 70VG / 30PG Liquids, 50ml Liquid with 10ml room for a nicotine shot


Trump-It -Banana Republik

Big Banana clouds with a truly scrumptious biscuit base and just a hint of peanut butter, this 70 VG e-liquid is the ideal accompaniment to an evening of locker room talk with my favourite bare-chested comrade

Trump-It - Bigly Berry 

Crammed with Raspberry, Strawberry, Blue Raspberry & Bubblegum, this 70% vegetable glycer…. glyco… VG blend is a truly delicious e-liquid that gives flavour so bigly. I love berries, let me tell you. They’re my favourite. That’s not fake. That’s real, so great.

Trump-It - Beauty Queen Melonia 

The greatest compliment to my first lady – she’s not actually my first… it’s just her job description. America First. Notes of Strawberry & Raspberry accompany a powerful and sweet Watermelon in a 70% VG blend that’s 100% classy. My watermelon Beauty Queen will make your mouth water.

Trump-It - Grab 'Em By The Peach 

A beautifully crafted Peach e-liquid with hints of orange, lemon and strawberry in a 70% VG blend that’s packed with flavour. These juicy peach clouds will keep you coming back all day long… all day, I promise. America First. Let me tell you.

Trump-It -Make America Grape Again 

This is your moment, your opportunity to Make America Grape Again… and we can do this together. With a smooth, grape-flavour packed e-liquid that offers a great vape, so great, big clouds and a smooth 70% VG base. That’s right people… 70%… this is pure cloud fuel, your cloud fuel… the stuff you vape in your dreams, it’s so great. So whether you’re running for President or simply trying to make ends meet as my administration takes care of all the boring paperwork for you. This is your e-liquid, it belongs to you.

Shootin Putin - Oligarchs Orange Tart 

Rich flavour for billionaire Oligarchs and tangerine faced US Presidents! Taste the Valencia orange blended with golden brown tart finished with Demerara sprinkles. 

Shootin Putin - State Sanctioned Jam Biscuit 

This state sanctioned jam biscuit juice will give everyone an extra boost through the day, you will taste the fresh ripe strawberry & warm baked biscuit with brown sugar.

Shootin Putin - KGB Blueberry Blast & Passion Cake 

After all the hard work they PUTIN getting the fake news fool into office, my people deserve to relax with this succulent blueberry and ripe passion natural product with a crisply heated New York cheesecake it hits the spot.

Shootin Putin - Lemon Kremlin 

After a hard days graft, dealing with all the lemons making the state visits and covering for our blonde friend with a phony tan from the states. I really need this taste of tangy Sicilian lemon and fresh crispy meringue covered with icing sugar to get me through the day.

Chubby Wrong-Un - Black Jack Assassin 

Black Jack Assassin is a yummy BlackJack aniseed flavour chew.

Chubby Wrong-Un - Bubble Gum Dictator 

Bubble Gum Dictator is bubble gum and grape eliquid flavours.

Chubby Wrong-Un - Lemonade Grenade 

Lemonade Grenade is a tropical lemon and lime e-liquid flavours.  

Chubby Wrong-Un - Nuclear Smoothie 

Nuclear Smoothie is strawberries and cream, sprinkled with hint of sugar smooth and relaxing sweet berry vape.