Chongz - 30cm Huffleguff Percolator Waterpipe Bong

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The Chongz Huffleguff Percolator Glass Bong is a fantastic little piece, perfect for somebdoy looking for a percolator bong that isn't too big or domineering

The frosted glass base gives this bong a cool sleek look, but that on it's own is not enough to cool and filter your smoke. It features a 6 arm tree percolator in the centre to do that. The combination of this, the diffuser down stem and the notches for ice, means you'll be get cool tasty hits from this bong every time

Standing at just over 30cm tall the Chongz Huffle Guff Percolator Glass Bong is a bang load for your buck, and will certainly impress.

  • 30cm
  • Percolator
  • Diffuser Down Stem
  • Ice Pinch